BAC Post-convention

The Bangkok Acro Convention 2020 is cancelled due Covid 19! We will miss our BAC family big times.Hope to see you for our 7th. edition in 2021!Stay healthy, stay happy, stay upside-down love to all of you Niko, Roj & Monika

We hope to see you for the 3th. Bangkok Acro Post-convention in 2021

9:30 am to 4 pm

For intermediate and advanced acrobats. BAC post convention “dive deeper”What to expect:

  • go deeper into what you learned at the convention
  • train intensively with a limited number of participants
  • dedicated coaching time in the longe
  • work on goals on a more personal level with the teachers
  • more training time in with teachers, spotters, and fellow acrobats
  • identify what skills to develop
  • train handstands, f2f, h2h, washing machines, Icarians and more…
  • have some fun days of sweating, working hard, and laughing
  • more amazing Thai food by “Roj aka the acrofoodie”

It s only possible to book the full event as we would like to creat a space for everybody to grow in a safe place with each other over these day s.Please make sure you can do the pre requests, the Post Convention is not suitable for beginners:

  • regular acrobatic/ partner acrobatic/ acro yoga etc. practise for at least 12 month flying or basing and spotting
  • L base: stable in star/ shoulder stand on feed, F2H long arm/ extended, Needle/ shoulder stand in hands no arms from the flyer – flying or basing, no spotters, with a smile
  • Standing: standing on shoulders/ two high, high bird – flying or basing, no spotters, with a smile
  • handstand on the wall for 1 min.
  • stable headstand on your own (no spotter)
  • we expect you to either fly or base these moves and know how to spott them in a safe way (unless you are to small for some of them 🙂 )
  • please send a video of 1- 2 min of your favorit acro moves L base and standing so we can see you in action to googel drive or via facebook to Monika Kolb

Ticket includes water, lunch and a full day of handstand and acrobatic lessons

Your Post Convention Teachers 2019 where: Niko & Monika, Kendra & Francis, Scott & Michaela

Find out more about them here: Niko & Monika travel the world with their son Ruben, and share circus and partner acrobatic skills. Both are teachers, performers, and movement therapists. In class they focus on skill progression, sustainability of practice, and inspire their students to push boundaries in a safe and fun environment. Together they have grown in partnership, love, and acro. Niko and Monika have a passion for good food, especially dessert. Niko prefers coconut ice cream and Monika just loves chocolate.As a team they organize the Pre-convention to the Dutch Acro and the Bangkok Acro Convention . Simultaneously Niko is a founder of .he teaches for Pitch Catch Circus and works with many other international Acrobatic/ Circus projects. Monika teaches and performs hula hoop and aerial, as a soloist and in collaboration. And runs circus projects for adults and children

Kendra & Francis:

Confidence. Connection. Acro.

Hi, We’re Kendra and Francis –

We help people connect with each other and the earth through Acro.

And we love helping you take your acro practice to the next level regardless of where you are at. So, let’s get awesome at acro together!

The key to busting through obstacles in acro is having super solid roots and then going back to what you know and understand when things get frustrating or scary. It’s the choice of going deeper versus giving up when exploring super sweet new moves, transitions, and poses.

We’ll share some of our tools to feel more accomplished in your acro practice. We’ll challenge what you know by guiding you through our private collection of kooky Acro inspirations and creations including flows, funky poses or washing machines. As well as focus on deepening the technical skills in Acro where necessary.

Together we are the creators of

We produce Acro retreats, online trainings, and in-person trainings where people have the opportunity to connect with the earth, themselves, and one another.

Scott & Michaela teach acrobatics and don’t like talking about themselves, especially in the 3rd person. However they realise this isn’t particularly useful for someone deciding whether or not to attend one of their workshops…Also known as Acro Misco, they have been doing acrobatics for over a decade. Before they began their glorious partnership, Scott spent his free time pretending to be Spider-Man and Michaela was a cheerleader until she realised that Scott was the only person she wanted to throw her around.Living in Manchester UK without a regular coach, the self taught duo have developed a unique style of training, namely learning all the ways not to do things so that you don’t have to. They’ve spent the last few years travelling far and wide to learn from the best teachers around to keep developing and learning. Over the last decade Misco have been building up the acrobatic community in their home town of Manchester and now they want to spread their acro love around the world.