Registration & Prices

2th. Bangkok Acro Post Convention

!Registration will open end of june 2019!

It s only possible to book the full event as we would like to creat a space for everybody to grow in a safe place with each other over these day s.

Please make sure you can do the pre requests, the Post Convention is not suitable for absolut beginners:

  • regular acrobatic/ partner acrobatic/ acro yoga etc. practise for at least 6 month
  • stable in star/ shoulder stand on feed – flying or basing
  • handstand on the wall for 1 min.
  • stable headstand on your own (no spotter)
  • please send a video of 1- 2 min of your favorit acro moves so we can see you in action to googel drive or via facebook to Monika Kolb


Ticket includes water, lunch and a full day of handstand and acrobatic lessons