BAC Pre-convention

Our new add on to the Bangkok Acro Convention:

Join the BAC Pre-convention and work a whole day on a topic of your choice.
We offer three different day long intensives:

1, L base flows with Slava and Devon from Van City

2, Icarian games with Mimi and Ishine Gape from

3, Standing acrobatics with Frank Landgraf

The Pre-convention includes a super yummy lunch by Roj aka the “acrofoodie” and water refills. We do not offer accommodation.

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Find out more about the Pre- convention teachers:

1, L base flows with Slava and Devon

We are coming all the way from Canada to get out of the cold and bring some fresh flow to the Bang Kok Acro Festival.

Want to try some fresh, fun, and challenging flows?  We cater to each unique group that shows up to learn with us. Vancity is passionate about pushing the boundaries and possibilities in our practice and love to find the path less travelled. Let’s create an experience together and  truly enjoy our practice. We are deeply invested in the process of exploration, having learned through experience that skill chasing leaves us feeling uninspired.  This is also how we will share with the room, we have created material that hopefully you take and make it your own or do repeatedly to refine your transitions. Knowing that to move freely we need to have our foundations built with integrity, so we will begin with exercises that allow us to tap into connection with ourselves and our partners.

Come and build yourself up with us and explore the possibilities of this beautiful practice.


2, Icarian with Ishine Gape & Millette Nunez

In this day long intensive with Mimi & Gape are offering you a wide range of tools to
incorporate Acrobatics into your daily life as a sustainable and nourishing movement practice.
In this workshop we will be offering you a indepth program where you will learn how to
merge technique, rhythm & body language into one fluid progression. Bases will learn how to
make their pops bigger using less effort. Flyers will learn how to ride their partners
momentum and find grace in subtle positioning of their bodies in air and while landing.
Icarian Games, also known as foot juggling, is becoming more and more popular amongst
AcroYogis, taking over from Acrobatics in the scene. It is exciting, it is energizing and most
important it is fun!

About Mimi:

Mimi has been traveling and sharing her love for acro since 2012. A seasoned teacher, she understands the importance of setting high standards while simultaneously building people’s beliefs in their own capacities. She creates an environment in which students are challenged, feels safe to take risks and are supported to learn. Known for her positive demeanor, high energy and encouraging style of communication, Mimi loves to have fun and reminds others how awsome they are.

About Gape:
Ishine Gape (founder of & ishine photography), is an Acrobatics & Yoga instructor, as well as
Massage Therapist with more then 10 years of experience. Originally from Austria, Gape loves to spend his
time traveling, eating yummy food and photography. With a heart full of humor and well sized arms to hug
almost everything, he is facilitating a wide variety of workshop worldwide. Gape is well known for his unique
and precise way of teaching. His passion for bodywork gives him the opportunity to embrace his students and
encourage them to find freedom through movement and touch. HP: / FB:



3, Standing Acrobatics with Frank Landgraf

Born and raised in Germany, he started his acrobatic career in 1999 as a member of the Modern Dance Company “Ars Saltandi”. Only hesitantly then with more and more enthusiasm acrobatics became a real passion. After attending his first “real” workshop he developed an addiction for more and more acrobatics. So Frank went to many acrobatic festivals all over Germany and even used his holidays to dive deeper into the world of acrobatics. After some time he started to lead the acrobatics training in the Modern Dance Company for 7 years in Germany. In 2010 he moved to Vienna and taught acrobatics in his free time at the University of Vienna. With some friends Frank founded a new acrobatic group in 2012 which still exists today and even organizes one of the most beautiful acrobatic festivals in the world. All in all he has been teaching workshops and classes for appr. 15 years. Hildesheim, Hannover, Vienna, Shanghai, Osaka, Hongkong, just to name sone Cities. His specialties are Icarians, handstand with partner (h2h) and standing acrobatics but he is also familiar with acrobatics where 3 or more people are required. He has also conducted workshops or classes in kindergartens and schools. He loves to teach at different levels of difficulty, depending on the school, class or group and adapts to what the studends need . Frank enjoyes to travel to the various acrobatic meetings all over the world to continue learning more and improve his skills.