!! BAC 2019 is sold out !!!

We have a few last tickets for Post-convention available

you can sign up here Click here


Please take a moment when you register to make sure you sign up for the right BAC event, as we have 3 different events (yeahhh)! And yes there is a “Combi Ticket” if you know you can handle 8 days of training!

We kindly ask you to only book your tickets once you know you can come for sure, since we have a non-refundable deposit. Remember that Bangkok Acro Convention is run with the love and heartship endured by acrobats for acrobats.

DEC 6 BAC Pre-convention, day long intesive 9:30am to 4pm

Price: early bird 3000 THB/ normal price 3300 THB one day to train intensively with a limited number of participants working on a specific style. Your choices:

1, L base flows with Slava and Devon from Van City
2, Icarian games with Mimi and Ishine Gape from
3, Standing acrobatics with Frank Landgraf

DEC 7-9 BAC, Main-convention “Bangkok Acro Convention” 9:30 am to 5 pm

Prices: all days early bird 6000 THB/ normal price 6500 THB, 2 days 5400 THB, one day 2900 THB. Be ready for your Acro- rush, all levels welcome, 3-5 workshops to choose from every round.

DEC 11-14 BAC Post-convention, 9:30 am to 4 pm

Price: early bird 12 000 THB/ normal price 13 000 THB. 4 days of intensive training, with a focus on your personal training goals. Only suitable for intermediat and advanced acrobats! Teaching team Monika & Niko, Francis & Kendra, Michaela & Scott

Combi Ticket Bangkok Acro Convention, all 3 events Pre-, Main- and Post-convention    8 days of Acro!

Price: early bird 20 000 THB/ normal price 21 000 THB !!! 1 day Pre-, 3 days Main-, 1 day off and 4 days Post-convention. Please make sure you are fit enough to be able to enjoy this!! We only recomend this for intermediat/advanced acrobats.